About Facets of Religion
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Facets of Religion is a religious resources index and is the WWW Virtual Library's official Religion category. The WWW Virtual Library was the very first web directory, and Facets of Religion has been around from the early days in the mid 1990s when it was hosted on the University of Freiburg servers by Armin Müller.

You can find just about anything about anything here, except gratuitous commercialism and unrelated useless links. All links in our directory are carefully selected and reviewed, but of course we also greatly appreciate your help in keeping the directory useful. You can help by letting us know when you encounter a broken or inappropriate link.

This site has been around for well over a decade, and in its first incarnations (if you believe in that) it was a very simple HTML site lnking to various religious resources, with a particular focus on the academic study of religion.

Start by reading up on various belief systems or interfaith resources.

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